Our Programs & Services

El Pueblo provides safety first followed by focused care to stabilize youth facing mental health crises. Treatment centers have the goal of successfully transitioning clients to a lower level of care, such as a group home, foster care or return to family home

Developmental Disability & Neuro-developmental Disorders Program

Primarily serving youth between the ages of 10 and 21 with mental health issues and/or cognitive behavioral disorders.

Hospital Diversion Program

Designed as an immediate stabilization resource for youth in current crisis. 

Substance Education Addiction Recovery (SEAR) Program

Comprehensive prevention, intervention and treatment level program. Clients receive group and individual therapy along with psychoeducational group therapy.

Victims of Sex Trafficking

Designed to serve youth age 18 and younger with a history of sexual exploitation.

Outpatient Therapy

New Program! Outpatient therapy serving clients in El Paso County Teller County Partnership with AspenPoint

Day Treatment

Heavy emphasis is put on education as part of each child’s Individualized Care Plan. Our beautiful campus hosts our children’s daily learning and school activities.

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Individualized Treatment

Each child is unique. Our outcome goals for the at-risk youth we serve are: increased positive behaviors, enhanced communication, improved independent living skills and strengthened prosocial behaviors.

Worlds of innovation

Your brain is where mind and body come together. Just as you can train your body to build stamina, strength or flexibility, you can also train your brain. Brain Trainer is a system of cutting edge equipment and technology that picks up information from sensors  placed on your scalp or forehead about how your brain is performing. Using this neurofeedback  information, the Brain Trainer system develops individualized training techniques that help people strengthen an array of areas such as attention, focus, and learning.