How do I know if my child needs help?
Changes in your child’s behavior that have led to negative consequences and seem to be more than you or your child can manage can be a warning sign that your child is in crisis.

My child is in crisis, what do I do?
If your child is in immediate danger or it’s an emergency call 911. If your child is in crisis, you can call our on-call clinician to discuss options ranging from 23 hour services to long term-residential care at 719-544-7496

What can El Pueblo do for my child?
El Pueblo provides care to stabilize youth facing mental health crises and offers treatment with the end goal of successfully discharging clients to a lower level of care; i.e., group home, foster care or return to family home. Care at El Pueblo always begins with providing them with safety, once your child has been stabilized; their individualized care plan will provide structure, and therapeutic support to teach them how to manage life more skillfully.

My child is coming to El Pueblo, what do I need to know?
First, you need to know that El Pueblo excels at creating a treatment plan that is very individualized to meet your child’s specific needs. Next, upon admission, you and your child will receive a comprehensive student handbook and you both will be walked through the orientation process which will answer any question you may have.

Is El Pueblo only for children who live in Pueblo County?
Unfortunately, the difficulties the kids at El Pueblo face are not unique to Pueblo County. In fact, the need for these types of services is growing every day. El Pueblo serves kids from all over Colorado and now some other states too.

What is the age range for kids at El Pueblo?
Depending on the situation, we can accept kids as young as 5 all the way up to 21 but generally do not take kids under 9 or over 18.

Does El Pueblo provide services for developmentally delayed or disabled?
El Pueblo is happy to provide a highly structured, supportive environment for children who require specialized services and a higher level of supervision as is therapeutically necessary. These services are administered under the direction of a BCBA clinician.

How do I keep in contact with my child while they are at El Pueblo?
El Pueblo therapists contact parents weekly as well as regular family sessions. Parents may make scheduled calls as well and we have case managers that will also be in weekly contact with parents.

How can I help El Pueblo?
Donate. Volunteer. Every time you make a contribution to the kids at EL Pueblo you accomplish two important things: you help our kids understand that there are so many more people who care about their success and healing than they would have ever realized and you help strengthen care through existing services and well as invests in future accomplishments.

What resources are there for me as a parent and for the rest of our family?
El Pueblo Clinical Team helps facilitate parent education, family counseling, in-home services during and after care.

Will my child be able to keep up with school work while at El Pueblo?
Yes, we have individualized education plans available.

What do I need to do about my child’s medication while they are at El Pueblo?
Bring 30 days supply at enrollment and we have psychiatrists and pharmacies that we use once they have enrolled.

What kind of donations does El Pueblo need?
Monetary gifts go a long way in helping the kids at El Pueblo, and every donation makes a difference. Monetary gifts support programs and projects that help these children overcome and succeed. Our kids often come to us in need of shoes. El Pueblo kids can always use good condition coats or jackets. Anything for crafts/art, golf pencils, copy paper, dry erase makers, science supplies, plastic scissors, classroom wall decorations/posters (ex. multiplication chart, planets posters, etc,.), poster board…anything school related we will take it.